4 Simple Stretches to Escape Lower Back Pain for Good

The Majority of lower back pain comes from posture problems. This posture problems generally cause a curve in the lower spine.

This curve can lead to a lot of other problems, for example; osteoarthritis, sciatica pain, disk problems and of course lower back pain.

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By Stretching your lower back muscles you can drastically increase your quality of life.

Lower Back Pain Stretches

Stretch 01.

To Stretch your hamstrings and lower back, first you’re going to lay down, then put one leg forward and with the other leg put your foot into your knee.

For this stretch you’re going to do three consecutive stretches.

First stretch forward to your foot, second stretch to the left of your foot and third stretch over to the right of your foot.

Hold for 20 second on each stretch. Total hold for this stretch will be 60 seconds.

Stretch 02.

Now for the mobility stretch what you’re going to do is go on all fours.
Lift your one arm out to the side and bring it through your body to the opposite end of your body.

Now repeat this on the opposite arm. Do 10 reps on each side.

*Don’t recommend doing this one if you have sciatica nerve pain or lower back strength problems.

Stretch 03.

This stretch is fairly simple. Lay on your back and bring your knees to your chest. Pull on your knees to get your legs closer to your chest.
Hold for 8 breaths or 20 seconds.

There is one other way you can do the stretch. Lay down with your back on the floor and only bring one leg up to your chest at a time. Again hold for 8 breaths or 20 seconds.

Stretch 04.

Lay flat on the floor while making sure your opposite shoulder and arm stays on the floor.

Bring one knee up to your chest and let your knee fall over the opposite leg on the other side of your body.

To change the intensity of the stretch you can also change the angles of your knee.

You can choose between the lower angle, middle angle, or the highest angle. These different locations will also stretch different muscles on your lower back.
Hold each stretch for 20 seconds.

If you have low back pain make sure you see a doctor or a chiropractor first to get assessed properly before attempting any of these stretches.

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