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Formulated in Australia with only natural ingredients

The Outback Series includes powerful, pain relief oils and supplements that have sufferers of fibromyalgia, plantar fasciitis, lower back pain, arthritis, shin splints, sciatica, tendonitis, neuropathy, shoulder pain, bursitis, tennis elbow, and many other inflammation-related ailments, jumping for joy across the SA!

Are you ready to experience the sensation of natural pain relief? Try The Outback Series today!

Real Pain Relief Versus Tricking Your Pain Sensors

So let us share with you how Outback is able to keep providing pain relief long after the medication you bought at the pharmacy have lost their effectiveness.
Most products on the market today only mask the pain! They use ingredients like menthol to trick your pain sensors for short periods of times. Or they might use powerful chemicals to numb your whole body.

Obviously this is not ideal, but it also creates another big problem…

When you take a chemical pain killer, your body recognized it as a threat and works overtime to get it out of your system as quickly as possible. The pain killer might work well the first time you take it, but your body is smart, and it quickly discovers ways to remove it from your system even faster than the last time.

This is known as building up a tolerance.

But Outback Is Different!

  • Outback DOES NOT contain any chemicals and it DOES NOT contain menthol or any other ingredients designed to merely trick your pain sensors.
  • Outback penetrates your skin and delivers potent natural anti-inflammatory oils deep into your joints. This dramatically reduces the inflammation in the area and allows your body to start healing itself.

Since Outback does not contain any harmful chemical ingredients and is applied directly on the skin, your body does not build up a tolerance to it. Matter of fact, after consistent use, Outback actually starts to work better, NOT WORSE.

This is because you are building up a “base” of relief and the anti-inflammatory oils are chipping away at the inflammation a little bit more each time you use it.

When you reduce your inflammation it makes your body happy because it is finally able to get back to work healing the area that has been trapped under inflammation for years.
Arthritis sufferers have been searching for a miracle since the beginning of time, but that miracle did not exist until a team of researchers developed Outback Pain Relief.

Outback Only Contains 4 Ingredients

Each ingredient with its own purpose. These 4 natural ingredients work together so well that we literally guarantee it will reduce the pain you are experiencing right now. Our research team discovered that combining these Australian oils at precise times in their maturation allowed them to permanently bond to one another and exponentially increased the pain relief.

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