Refund Policy

*All Outback Pain Relief products are covered by a no questions asked 30 day money back guarantee WITHOUT returning the product.

There are no terms and conditions, there is no fine print. You will get refunded in full.

Please confirm with us that you have used the product for at least 21 days as described and feel it has not worked for you. We would also like to know the condition you have used it for and your symptoms. We will also need your banking details for the refund.

IMPORTANT - All we ask is that you please allow 14 to 20 days for us to process your refund.

We don't even ask for the product back therefore please be patient with us while we are processing your refund.


*Please note that if you place an order for more than 1 bottle, we will request that the balance of unused product be returned via Post Office, Po Box 548 , Howick, 3290 before issuing a full refund.

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