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Review from Ankylosing Spondylitis Sufferer


Bev suffered from Spondylitis and Sciatica nerve pain for many years. 6 years ago she was also diagnosed with Plantar Fasciitis.

It used to be so bad that Bev couldn't even walk on some days.

Bev stumbled across our Pain Relief product on FB. At first she was skeptical, but she decided to order it and now she says "It's the most amazing product."

She recommends it to anyone who sufferers from one of her conditions.

Bev's results include:

  • Pain in feet gone.
  • Sciatica pain gone.
  • Back pain gone.

Watch her Review Video below.

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Review from Lower Back and Neck Pain Sufferer

Ingrid Bester

Review sent in by Ingrid! She explains how she started using Outback Pain Relief 6 months ago because of pain caused from removing a tumor from her neck and back pain after two operations.

Watch the video below to hear her full story.


Juliana van Vuuren

This review was sent in by Juliana Van Vuuren. She explains how impressed she is with Outback Pain Relief, and that she can say "without a doubt," that Outback works.

She says she rubs it on her problematic areas first thing in the morning, and at night before bed after she has showered.

Her results include:

  • Drastically improved lower back and neck pain.

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Review from Sciatic Nerve Pain Sufferers

May van der Merve from Durban

This review was sent to us by May van der Merve from Durban. She suffered from Sciatica Nerve Pain for the last 4 years, and then she developed Plantar Fasciitis in the right heel.

After a while she decided to give Outback Pain Relief a try. She is extremely happy with the results. She describes the product as being "Excellent."

Her results include:

  • No more pain in the foot.
  • Healed circulation in the leg. Skin was dark and dry, this has drastically improved.
  • She can now feel her toes when she touches them.

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Doreen Saks

This Outback Pain Relief Review was sent in by Doreen Saks. She used to suffer from Sciatica Nerve Pain.

She found our Outback Pain Relief while scrolling around FB and decided to try is. After using it once she got "instant pain relief" and she has "recommended this product to anyone who suffers from a similar condition," and they are completely satisfied.

Her results include:

  • Instant Sciatica Pain Relief.

Watch her Sciatica Pain Relief Review Video Below.

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Reviews from Diabetic Sufferer

Kevin Smith

 Thank you Kevin Smith for the OUTSTANDING customer review. We are ecstatic about how our Outback Pain Relief has been changing you life.

Watch the video to hear his full story...


R Smith

This specific review was sent in by R Smith. He has been struggling with Diabetes. He suffered from tremendous pain under his feet and along his joints.

Ever since he has found Outback Pain Relief, he has no more problems. He goes on to say he would recommend outback to anybody.

His results include:

  • No more foot pain.
  • No more Joint Pain.

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