Barbara is a Walking Testament to Outback Pain Relief's Lasting Relief!

Barbara has been suffering from Osteo Arthritis as well as Rheumatoid Arthritis and cannot use anti-inflammatories to help ease the pain. She has also had several operations in conjunction with her Arthritis and has really been struggling to find a helpful, natural solution to her pain. She came across Outback Pain Relief in December 2018 and has been using it since January 2019. Barbara says, "It really works. I use it around 4 times a day and can honestly recommend this product. I also want to thank Trevor for his excellent customer service." See her honest video review below  Do You...

Nov 11, 2019

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Top 6 Tips for Neuropathic Digestion | Neuropathy Relief

Top 6 Tips for Neuropathic Digestion Autonomic neuropathy affects the nerves that control your body’s involuntary functions. Involuntary functions are the everyday functions we don’t usually have to think about. These include heart rate, sweating, and digestion for example. Since some of the nerves are responsible for managing the digestive system, overall uncomfortableness can be a common side effect of neuropathy. This can cause constipation or diarrhea, or alternating episodes of either. Gastroparesis, a condition that affects the normal spontaneous movement of the muscles (motility) in your stomach. It is a painful condition accompanied by nausea, vomiting, heartburn, abdominal pain,...

Nov 01, 2019

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Peripheral Neuropathy | 4 Supplements to Help With Hand and Foot Pain

Peripheral neuropathy – nerve damage to the peripheral nerves, (nerves outside the brain and spinal cord). Usually resulting in pain in the hands and feet can cause swelling and tingling sensations.    Signs & Symptoms can include: Gradual onset numbness Muscle weakness Burning pain Prickling or tingling in feet or hands   Making healthy lifestyle choices can help to manage neuropathy and support nerve health.   If you’d like to know some of the supplements, (and foods) to help with neuropathy relief, keep reading to find out what they are!    1. B vitamins The B vitamins are helpful with neuropathy pain...

Aug 21, 2019

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Is There A Cure For Neuropathic Pain?

Suffering from neuropathic pain can be tremendously difficult. The most common symptoms include shooting and burning pain. While it is possible for neuropathic pain to subside from time to time, it is generally chronic. This means that it will impact you for the remainder of your life. It can be caused by diabetes, chemotherapy, alcoholism and even amputation. Is there a way to cure neuropathy and get your life back together? You’ll find out in the guide below. Prescription And OTC Medications A lot of people have attempted to treat neuropathy with antidepressants and NSAIDs. Others may prefer a stronger painkiller....

Feb 15, 2018

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