6 Foot Stretches That Can Help Eliminate Troublesome Back Pain

Back pain is without a doubt a major hindrance. It not only causes you extreme physical pain, but it can get so severe that it could potentially prevent you from completing daily activities and tasks.

That being said, you might be surprised to learn that back pain is one of the most common types of pains in the world, as millions of individuals deal with these types of aches on a daily basis. Well, experts have uncovered a distinctive link between the feet and the back.

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Not only do the feet play a major role in the way you move, but they can play a major role in the posture and balance as well. With these simply foot exercises you might be able to completely eliminate your back woes.

Stretch 01. Walking On The Toes

Toe walking is really easy, as all you have to do is just simply walk on your toes several times a day.

Twenty to thirty second sessions a few times a day might be just the remedy to eliminating your back pain.

Stretch 02. Stretching The Toes

Stretching out the toes not only feels good, but also it could potentially eliminate back pain.

All you have to do is sit in a chair, cross one leg over the other and stretch the toes in all different directions. Repeat this routine three or four time with each foot, making sure that you have the appropriate leg crossed in the process.

Stretch 03. Circling The Ankles

Ankle circles are not only good for the back, but they can relieve hip, knee, and joint pain as well.

To perform this simple routine all you have to do is lie down on a flat surface, place one foot in the air, and circle the ankle for fifteen to twenty seconds. Repeat the process with each leg several times a day.

Stretch 04. Massaging The Foot

Nothing feels better than a good foot massage. Well, this technique isn’t quite the same thing, but it could eliminate your back pain.

All you need is a tennis ball and a little bit of time. Simply place the tennis ball on the floor, step on it with the arch of your foot, and rotate the ball back and forth for several seconds. Repeat this with each foot to get the relief that you need.

Stretch 05. Stretching With A Towel

For this exercise you will just need a small bath towel. Start by lying on the floor with your legs extended out in front of you.

Take the towel and wrap it around one of your feet at the arch level. Now, with the towel in hand go ahead and raise that leg in the air, while keeping the knee as straight as possible.

When the knee gets over the head you want to hold it in that exact position for thirty seconds. Repeat this exercise with the other foot.

Stretch 06. Stretching The Heel

To properly stretch out the heel you want to sit down on the floor, while keeping one leg out if front of you.

The other should be bent back behind your thigh. Once in this position your goal will be to try to reach your toes with your hand. While trying to reach toes make sure that you are wiggling the toes around.

Holding in this position and wiggling the toes for thirty seconds should be sufficient for each foot.

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