How to Instantly Relieve Sciatica Nerve Pain in 1 Minute

Sciatica Nerve Pain is a medical condition which is described as pain extending to the back of the leg from the lower back.

It is also possible for the pain to extend down the back, outside and even the front of the leg. Usually, the symptoms will present themselves after the patient performs a difficult activity, such as lifting heavy objects incorrectly.

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The good news is that there are some simple Sciatica stretches that can help. The best Sciatica stretches will be detailed in greater depth below.

1 Minute Sciatica Stretches


Step 01. Sit, then Knee Towards Chest

First, you should begin by bringing one leg towards your body. Bend at the knee and pull the leg towards your chest with both hands. Be sure to hold this position for at least ten seconds.

After you’ve finished, you should switch legs. Perform the same action and hold the position for another ten seconds.

Step 02. Lay on Back and Lift Legs

You can also try lying on your back and lifting your legs upward and downward. Be sure to keep your knees bent at a ninety degree angle with your toes pointing towards the sky.

Your arms should be extended outward and left completely flat on the ground. Your spine and head should also rest comfortably on the ground.

Lift the legs upward and downward five times.

Step 03. Back on Floor, Knee to Chest

While remaining in the same position, you can exercise one leg at a time. Leave one leg flat on the ground and grab the other one at the knee. Pull the leg upward and bring it to your chest.

Hold this position for at least ten seconds, before repeating the exercise with the other leg.

Step 04. Sit on Floor, Touch Your Toes

Finally, you should try touching your toes.

While sitting on your butt with your legs extended outward, you should reach for your toes with the tips of your fingers.

When you begin feeling a stretching sensation, you should stop. Hold this position for ten seconds. These exercises will stretch the muscles and bring you the relief that you desire.

And that's it. These exercises can bring you Sciatica nerve pain relief in just 1min.

Note: If these stretches didn't work for you chances are your pain is not caused from the Sciatica nerve. Please see a Dr for further assistance.

Where to go from here?

These Sciatica stretches will provide instant pain relief, however the relief will only last for a short while. If you are looking for pain relief that lasts longer, try our Outback Pain Relief. It only takes 7 seconds to get to work and it provides relief for hours. Get your Outback Sciatica Pain Relief here.

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