Do You Suffer from Plantar Fasciitis AND Osteoarthritis?

Meet Bettie. Bettie has been suffering not only with Plantar Fasciitis, but she has also struggled with the pains of Osteoarthritis. As you can well imagine, this is not a comfortable combination and can involve a lot of pain! This was Bettie's dilemma until she came across Outback Pain Relief. This is what Bettie had to say about her experience, "This product is absolutely amazing, it has totally solved all of my problems. Thank you Outback.” In fact, Bettie thinks every household should have a bottle on hand!😏 Check out her honest video review below:  Do You Need Instant Pain...

Dec 23, 2019

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Barbara is a Walking Testament to Outback Pain Relief's Lasting Relief!

Barbara has been suffering from Osteo Arthritis as well as Rheumatoid Arthritis and cannot use anti-inflammatories to help ease the pain. She has also had several operations in conjunction with her Arthritis and has really been struggling to find a helpful, natural solution to her pain. She came across Outback Pain Relief in December 2018 and has been using it since January 2019. Barbara says, "It really works. I use it around 4 times a day and can honestly recommend this product. I also want to thank Trevor for his excellent customer service." See her honest video review below  Do You...

Nov 11, 2019

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5 Daily Habits To Treat Arthritic Pain

There are a number of lifestyle choices that can impact your overall health. Everything from gaining weight to taking your daily vitamins can impact the way that you live. You might also be surprised that there are a number of lifestyle choices that can impact your joints as well. In fact, if you have arthritis or some form of joint pain it might be due to the lifestyle that you are currently living. With the following tips and information, you can learn to lead a healthier life and keep your arthritis pains at bay. 01. Control Your Weight Have you...

May 14, 2019

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4 Food Groups You Should Avoid if your are struggling with Arthritis

Living with arthritis is never fun as it can impact you both mentally and physically. While there are many different types of arthritis like rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, and psoriatic arthritis, most of these conditions are associated with inflammation and joint pain. Typical treatment for arthritis usually consists of a combination of inflammation and pain reducing medications. However, you might be surprised to learn that your diet can also impact the severity of your arthritis. Arthritis Pain Relief Roll-On Our Arthritis Pain Relief Roll-On gets to work in as little as 7 seconds.Click here to access your Arthritis Pain Relief Roll-On A diet...

Dec 06, 2018

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4 Simple Methods on How To Relieve Joint Pain and Arthritis Naturally and QUICKLY!

Do you constantly find yourself popping pain pills or over the counter aids to help keep joint and arthritis pain at bay? Are you at the point where you are destroying your liver and spending thousands of rands a month on pain relief medication? Well... are not alone, as current research shows that one-third of most adults experience some type of joint or arthritis pain on a monthly basis. This is truly frightening when you really sit down and think about it. All that being said, you will be glad to know that there are a variety of natural ways...

Oct 08, 2018

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